Happy Birthday Aaliyah

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 2.48.24 PMToday marks the 39th birthday of the beloved American singer and actress, Aaliyah Dana Haughton, who was tragically killed in an airplane crash along with other members of her record company in 2001. In the last years of her life, Aaliyah made her mark in what would make the legacy of her music to last many years after her death. Between 1991-2001 was a decade of prosperity for Aaliyah, who created some of the classics we still play today using her alluring and smooth vocals that grasped the attention of music listeners near and far. Aaliyah has been credited for revolutionizing and redefining R&B, hip-hop and pop through her unique sultry mix of hip-hop, pop and soul.

Although Aaliyah’s physical presence no longer exists, she continues to leave her legacy through music with the modern artist of today. Her vocals can be heard on Chris Brown’s 2013 track, “Don’t Think They Know” and even on Drake’s 2012 song “Enough Said”  . In Tink’s track “Million” you’ll hear samples from Aaliyah’s classic hit “One In A Million”  a lucid example of how new artists use their talents to integrate their styles using the influence of Aaliyah.

The singer not only had an influence in music, but in other aspects. MAC Cosmetics announced back in August 2017 that an Aaliyah inspired make-up line to scheduled to launch this summer as a result of a petition amassed by over 26,000 fans.

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Beyond her music, Aaliyah’s friends and family remember her life today for the caring person she was remembered to be. Missy Elliot wished the late singer a Happy Birthday on Twitter this morning, saying:

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We may wonder how much of an influence Aaliyah may have had if her life wasn’t abruptly and tragically ended, but her legacy lives forever in her music, fashion and her family and friends who continue to highlight her spirit and heart in her 22 years of life.


Happy birthday Aaliyah!

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