Jetlag Christmas Traditions

Christmas is one of the most intimate times for family and friends. Jetlag’s staff got together to share their traditions for every Christmas.

Duke Baines:

Every year we have an annual Polyana with the family. The tradition starts after Thanksgiving dinner. After dinner, we pick names out of a hat and each person is allowed to pick on 3 things on a list within a $50 budget. The person who picks the name is allowed to pick one of the three items on that list. On Christmas Eve my family has dinner and sings Christmas songs. When Polyana is presented by each person exchanges their gift in a secret Santa style, but the person presented has to describe the family member in a way that they mean to them, the family guesses which family member is being described. On Christmas, usually, have a brunch and go to the movies depending on what movies come out that year.

Corey Adams:

Every Christmas, I head to Jamaica to see the rest of my family. I don’t really have family in the states so without that tradition Christmas feels like any other day.

Calvin Byrd:

On Christmas, my family and I always watch the Grinch together. That’s our go-to movie every year. Christmas Eve, we all go out to find a Christmas Day outfit with each other.

Larento Campbell:

On Christmas Eve, the family and I always open up one gift, usually from one sibling to another. My immediate family also picks out a movie to watch every year. We switch between who gets to pick the movie each year. On Christmas Day, we have a big family game night of taboo with a huge dinner.

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