No’el’s Corner: Sitting Down With CEO & Founder of CrowdFreak, Curtis Lamar


CrowdFreak is seeming to become one of  music industries firm leaders in artist developmental relations. CrowdFreak effectively allows artist, locally & globally, the ability to perform at multiple venues, shows and concerts to expand the productivity of an artist. CrowdFreak believes that every music artist should have the capabilty and potential to take charge of their own success to become pivotal in the music industy. It was an honor in sitting down and discussing the brand with the founder and CEO, Curtis Lamar

No’el: What up Curtis, it’s cool that we finally get the opptunity to sit down and dicuss your brand. Also thanks for being here and giving JetlagTV the insite on CrowdFreak.

Curtis: Hey, no problem! I appreciate the opportunity! I definitely wanted to give a pretty indepth perspective on my company and what it means to the upcoming artist. Thanks for giving me the opportunity and having me here!

No’el: Oh fasho, Let’s just get right into this interview because I know the readers are eager!

No’el: For the readers, tell us more in depth about CrowdFreak and the music artist you manage.

Curtis: Well, the origin of Crowdfreak starts with the artist I manage, so let’s start there! I started managing an artist named Quincy Banks a few years back and the first thing I wanted to attack with his artistry was performing live. Quincy had a very unique sound and I thought this would be brought to life through performing live. Being new to managing in the music industry I thought it would be easy finding shows through a simple google search. I was completely wrong! Unless you know just the right place to go to on social media or on the web, it’s quite frankly impossible to find performance opportunities on showcases and/or concerts. Shortly after that I met Mauri Corey, who was a very talented artist that had good following and he had the uncanny ability to tell a story in his music. Once again, someone who I wanted to get in front of a crowd. So, I decided to start throwing my own showcases and found that finding other artist to perform and bring crowds was another issue that I was coming across. I then decided to create a website that combatted both side of the performance where promoters are able to post performance opportunities and artist are able to grab these opportunities to gain exposure in front of their selected crowd! And with the help of Myles Xdope (another artist I manage) we began to throw hugh events, giving many detroit area artist the opportunity to perform in front of great crowds!

Also is the Ebay of performing! Artist at all walks of life, rather you’re just beginning or a veteran in music, are able to log onto our site and search performance opportunities in their area and grab a slots to perform instantly. There are no hidden fees and it provides instant access to stage! Vice versa, as a promoter or venue, you’re able to post performance slots and connect with artist in a way like never before! Our ultimate goal is to be the missing link between the performer and the performance!

No’el: Elaborating on the process, how can music artist sign up for CrowdFreak events? And how is it beneficial?

Curtis: Its pretty simple to sign-up! All aspiring musicians can go to and create an account which takes less than 2 minutes. Once logged in they can begin to explore performance opportunities and lock in their first performance!

Its beneficial because it gives artist direct access to the stage! We have given out opportunities for artist to open for national acts like, Gucci mane, Kap G, Taylor Gang, 21 savage, Jacquees and more! Opportunities that otherwise would be impossible to find!

No’el: Could you share an experience in which you planned the development of one of your CrowdFreak programs and effectively maintain favorable public perception of the event?

Curtis: This summer was amazing! We threw several concert w/ acts such as, Taylor Gang, Kap G, Og Maco, and Lil Debbie and the amazing part about it was the opportunities we gave to upcoming artist in detroit. We gave over 30+ artist the opportunity to perform at these epic concerts and it was overall a very satisfying feeling to do so! Since then we have been consistent with our services and we have received nothing but positive feedback!

No’el: As someone with a lot of experience handling online promotion, what is your next course of action to enhance the brand, CrowdFreak?

Curtis: The next course of actions is simply to GROW! We have been running a beta test in Detroit and its has deem successful! Now we want to provide artist with performance opportunities across the world and that starts with expanded through online promotion.

No’el: With the current success of your brand and the presentational showcases you conduct, what can the music industry expect from CrowdFreak in the future?

Curtis: Now if i give you all the secrets, what will make Crowdfreak unique lol No but, just know will be a one stop shop for everything music in the foreseeable future.

No’el: I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions, is there anything you would like to say to the readers before you exit the building?

Curtis: No problem! I would like to leave the reader with a quote I base my life around which is “Do what you HAVE to when you HAVE to do it, so you can do what you WANT to do when you WANT to do it”. Right now is the time to grow your craft, work hard and complete the ground work, so that you are that multi-platinum selling artist in the future. Utilize the tools available to you currently, so you can take the 1 month vacation in Cancun in the future lol is going to be one of those tools, so take advantage of it and gain the exposure necessary to get you to the next level!

No’el: Thanks again for chatting up with me & The JetlagTV, “Where They Keep You Awake!” I have the best music reviews & interviews in the city of Detroit, check out JetLagTV for more content!



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