“City Slicker 2” Music Review

The young Detroit native has been truly working hard to perfect his craft as an emcee in this past year. Early November, the Goodboyz artist released his lastest project; a four track EP titled “C4” in which listeners received a clear glimpse of what to expect for future projects. Mauri Corey pleases listeners with his new mixtape, City Slicker 2.

In just one month, the twenty-five year old delivered a project that presented anguish, obtaining disposable income, and separating himself from the phonies. The production was greatly done by ill Shad, Cbsm Henny, Yung Reg, Gohard Tae, Luke Superior and Detroitredd that offered a wide variety of drum kicks, snares and rhythmic kick sequences that allows you to perceive many ascending and descending tempos throughout City Slicker 2. With features from Ava Marie, Fresh, Lil Baby, Zjaih, Yung Dash, Poppa, Yung Reg, Cbsm Henny, Quincy Banks, Yella Montanna, FA Meech, Leno 380, DC Porter, Ty Rose, Shredgang Boogz, June Taylor, FL Dinero, and Rocky Badd, Mauri Corey’s aggressive tone presented numerous emotions of a strive, hunger and passion; pulling anyone down to reach the top tier in the music industy. Tracks like Too Fake, Richard Hamilton featuring Leno 380 and DC Porter, and Hate On Me featuring Fresh illustrate a confidently, truculent approach, intermixing energetic deliveries and raw lyrics creating a wonderful intonation with their versatile flows. Other tracks such as Lil Baby featuring Zjaih, and two tracks featuring Ava Marie, Cops and Toss It Up contribute a blissful turn around for the mixtape. Adding soulful early nineties samples with piercing verbiage and sharp vocals, curiosity of Ava Marie. From the intro, paying homage to Tupac Shakur’s 1996 classic, to incorporating fellow multifaceted Detroit artist, City Slicker 2 is lyrically fashioned from a music artist perspective of creating his own generational wealth; turning nothing into something. City Slicker 2 drops tomorrow(12-4-17), Go and listen to Mauri Corey’s second installment of the City Slicker series on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon and Youtube!

Scammin’ Up Til I’m Rich and My Momma Straight. Juugin’ Plays To Get Money In All Kind Of Ways. I Was Broke Had To Suffer Fore’ All Kind of Days. Stay Ture and Stay Humble, You Could Die Today Bitch!”

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