“My Notebook” Music Review

Bringing praise to his story, flaired with the lyricism and poise from this blue cover colored composition book that I located inside of a leather Gucci bag. T. Go released his debut mixtape, “My Notebook”.

Reading as I follow along, listening to the lyrics, I flipped through the pages of this Detroit artist’s notebook. The Notebook was dedicated to a self journey of realising that there’s a goal present, and by any means necessary, it must be obtained. With production from a wide variety of high and low tempos and drum kicks and features from Lil Rick, Lil Miss, Ashesllsehsa, Yella Feva, Teop Brains, Dime, Losk Masta, Al B Tha Jester and Veygas, the twenty-eight year old music artist effortlessly approaches this music project with different forms of rap for listeners to appreciate. Derived from the rap element of consciousness, tracks like Walk in The Park, Gone, and The Outro (Letter To Rap) brought memorable, subtle punchlines, with the modulation of his impactful vocals. Other tracks such as 1 Hunnit, No Sleep, and Bounce gave forth a pop rap sensation that’s included with repetitive, head swaying hooks and gasping rowdy vocals. With these eighteen tracks, prepare your ears for a multitude of lyrics that are vocally enhanced due to his stylish, innovative delivery, leading into a barrage of different flows that bring excitement and devotion. Check out T. Go’s mixtape My Notebook on Bandcamp, link provided below.

“You Gotta Believe, It’s Hard To Take Them Hand Outs, and Can’t Expect It. Saying Shit Happens For Reasons, I Can’t Accept It.”

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