“Eucalyptus” Music Review

Within the ascension of my appreciation for multiple genres of music, I stumbled across this eight track album. Struck with a firmness of collective melodies controlled by a guitar and smooth, ghostly vocals, the soft rock artist DCHAV offers listeners his therapeutic album, Eucalyptus.

Discussing the artist approach behind the meaning of the title, DCHAV explained that the eucalyptus tree itself delivers a subtle scent reminding the Long Beach artist of a broader, more successful future. With production from Doctor Ka, DCHAV blends the mood of this psych-rock album, guiding listeners towards the action of his soft, croon, stretching vocals, while also demonstrating the multilayered, subtle guitar playing throughout this thirty minute album. Songs such as “A Tear from Danny Glover’s Eye” and “Strong Silent Hope“, exhibits an extensive rhythmic pattern that is replicated as the guitar strings strike in the background of the angelic sound being played alongside of these songs. Other tracks such as “Tell Me If You Want Me Too” and “So I Go Aside to be Within Your Sight” deploys the soloist, DCHAV, to be heard alone but accommodating the beat as well, adjacent to his prominent vocals. With minimal lyrical content, the twenty-eight year old gave Eucalyptus a low sensational vibe with calm guitar plays and relaxing vocals. The next time you’re in Long Beach, California look out for DCHAV and his live band with Nic Gonzalez, Billy Camacho, and Nick Medina, you won’t be disappointed! Check out “Eucalyptus” on YouTube, Bandcamp, and Spotify, links provided below!

Tell Me If You Want Me To Be In Bloom, Ever In The Warm Sun-Run, To You I Run.”

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