WHO IS HE: David Long Jr.

Get to know Davis Long Jr.School: West Virginia UniversityDavid-Long

Position: LB

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 222lbs

Year: Redshirt Sophomore

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Stats this Season (6 games):

  • 39 Solo Tackles
  • 11 Tackles for Loss
  • 784 Passing Yards

We all love watching football and them big hits on game day. Well, West Virginia’s David Long Jr. brings us just that. And to think that this relentless, hard-hitting linebacker is only a sophomore on the field. Unfortunately, the young stud missed four games at the beginning of his sophomore season due to a knee injury that he suffered during summer conditioning. He grew attention in his ten starts as a freshman as he had a career season high 11 tackles and his 4 solos in his debut against Missouri, but he came back from his injury with an attitude and anger that…I think every linebacker should have. Long is young, but I’m going to that he’s going to be a great player in the league some day if he keeps the energy. However, there are somethings that may be cleaned up to reduce the risk of injury. When he comes at you, he’s coming full speed and some one is going to feel it. Either you or David Long Jr

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