Rapper Lil Peep overdoses at 21 years old

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Up and coming rapper Lil Peep dies at just 21 years of age due to an apparent overdose of xanax. Peep just recently as Wednesday posted a video on Instagram stating he was “lit” after consuming “six xanax’s” as well as a picture captioned “When I die you’ll love me”. Peep’s manager, Chase Ortega tweeted Thursday morning “I’ve been expecting this call for year. Mother F–k”.

Peep had struggled with depression and drug abuse dating back to his teenage years and like many rappers, used music as a fight against his demons. Peep was always honest about his bouts with drug abuse and mental illness which created a deep connection between he and his fans. He was quoted stating this many of his fans told him his music saved their lives and it was “Great for him to hear” because his music saved his life as well. R.I.P Lil Peep, you will be missed.

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