Dear Summer by RNS review

RNS or Respect N Salute is a duo hailing from Duncan, SC comprised of Doc and Cam. The duo created this entire body of work with The Cla$$matez. The project is titled Dear Summer and blurs the lines of hip hop and r&b. It is very reminiscent to an earlier piece of work that OVC ( earlier moniker of The Cla$$matez) did with StackBoys864 named Ready To Live.

Ramiro Chavez has a very major vocal role on the work being featured on the hook of most of the songs. Standouts on this project are “Leftside, I’m Yo,” which is a new play on the Curtis Mayfield classic “Pusherman,” and “Wasn’t Round.”

This, sonically, could help push the merger of R&B vibes being mixed more into hip hop on a local scale. The melody runs the world of hip hop and this piece is a testament to genius of the two collectives.

Check out the album here.


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