“Metal Gear Tape” Music Review

This nine track mixtape provides listener’s a glimpse into the life of the Toronto music artist, Tripsixx. The ariose artist sound is like non other. Interlocking his futuristic vocals, layed over the high-mellow tempo production, Tripsixx promptly delivers listeners his second music project, “Metal Gear Tape”.

Tripsixx obscure flow and delivery derives from his personal life choices as he presents a short collection of tracks that gives insight to the U.T.U. (Unlock The Underground) artist lifestyle. Listeners learn about his dilemma with women, his love for marijuana, and the development of himself as a new artist on the come up in the industry. With production from Chris Rose, Lost Planets, Vader, High Klassified, Waves, Da-P, and Krinny, listeners receive an energetic, yet seldom, loosen mixtape. Tracks like Meta, Motive and Kush Up greatly demonstrates Tripsixx’s emotionally-rich vocals over a late night production, individualizing himself from the norm of the Toronto music scence. Other tracks such as Wake The Dead Up and 28g, recite the forefront of his music career all while adding an intoxicating, thunderous flow to these head bangers. Leaving a lasting impressionable stamp, Tripsixx dynamically dominates the playing field with his highly anticipated Metal Gear Tape. The amount of effort is greatly noticed within the content, delivering sharp punchlines, triumphant hooks and appealing lyrics, with this, Tripsixx offers an astonishing mixtape. This is our first time hearing from Tripsixx since his debut EP, We Own The Night back in early 2016, and I speak for all when I say, the industry needed this project. Don’t just take my word for it though, Check out Tripsixx’s new mixtape, Metal Gear Tape on all digital streaming services.

“Young Nigga, Tryna Keep My Head Up. Make Sure All My Haters Feel It, Wish They’d Never Met Us. Watch Me Hold It Down Like This(2x), They Not With Shitz(2x)”

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Twitter: twitter.com/NoelS313

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