UCLA Li’Angelo Ball will be Big Balling in Prison

While we all thought that UCLA guard was a “Big Baller”, Li’Angelo Ball and two fellow UCLA basketball players (Cody Riley & Jalen Hill) were arrested for shoplifting in a totally different country. China to be exact. In China, theft can lead to a sentence of a few days or many years. This will exclude him from competing in his first college season opener against Georgia Tech on Friday, November 10 as Coach Steve Alford has decided to bench the three.

The three young freshmen are being under the suspicion of stealing from a Louis Vuitton store that is located right next to Hyatt Regency Hangzhou, which was the hotel that the team was staying in before they moved to Shanghai where they would be practicing for their upcoming game.

We are probably interested what the infamous LaVar Ball had to say about this wholeDN4cWt-VoAAOTuW situation. He, his wife, and UCLA commit LaMelo Ball had breakfast with the team, and LaVar was scheduled to speak with the media straight out of his hotel suite; he didn’t say much, but that he was “going to wait until I get more intel” to comment on this anything. He was also advised not to speak on the riff raff due to legal matters. As time went by and the media tried hard to get a response, LaVar Ball did say that “He’ll be fine. Everybody making it a big deal, it ain’t that big of a deal” when asked if he was worried about his son.

Sources say that about 20 police officers came into the hotel early Tuesday morning and spoke to several players from both schools. The players were allegedly locked in a room for a number of hours and not allowed any contact with any coaches. The source say that “the kids were scared” and that “they weren’t messing around”. After hours and hours past by, Georgia Tech players were permitted to leave the room and the three from UCLA were being placed in the back of police cars.

Here’s what big brother, Lonzo Ball had to say about his little bro getting arrested.

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