“Rocko” Music Review

Rocky Badd released a music project that’s combined with short tales of love, stuggle, batrayal, loyalty and success in the city of Detroit with her newest album, Rocko.

Rocky Badd showcases her efficient rap skills and charming vocals over a high-mid tempo production. Layed with piano keys, and drum kicks, Rocko demonstrates the multi-liners within Rocky’s verses and her diversity when it relates to her flow. While listening, we’re able to learn that there’s two sides to the west side music artist. Tracks such as Ten featuring Smokecamp Chino and The Greatest, featuring Mauri Corey depict an ebullient, chaotic flow that entices listeners, making the uplifting tracks endlessly playable and enjoyable. Other tracks such as With You, and Sweet Lady utters a more seductive, intimate sensation with graceful wordplay and catchy, creative hooks, setting the mood for the second half of the album. Full of memorable lyrics with well blended features from Jeno Cashh, Cammy Bands, SAM, Smokecamp Chino, AllStar Lee, Mauri Corey, Shredgang Mone, and Tayy Dior, this properly composed fifteen track album represents a young artist strive while on the come up towards success. Don’t sleep on artist when there’s a multitude of potential present. Rocko is confident, cleverly written, motivational and femininely fearless! Check out Detroit’s very own, Rocky Badd and her debut album, Rocko on all digital streaming services.

“All They See Is Pain, They Ain’t Seen What I’ve Been Through. Give Em’ All Of Me, I Ain’t Rich and Don’t Pretend To. Let Them Niggas Ball Baby, We Goin’ Touch A Mill Soon.”

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