“Love Can” EP Music Review

The range in the young 22 year old music artist voice captured the nostalgic sound of the late nineties era of Rhythm and Blues, León Taylor offers listeners his debut EP,  Love Can.

Ascending over a soulful, mellow, doting production curiosity of Jupyter, Dj Sleepy Hollow, Thousand Watts, Dee Gee, and Digital Magik, León Taylor elegantly discusses the intensity of love’s strong, submissive, embrasive experiences during sexual intimatecy. Song’s such as I Need You, We Need It and Slowly, embodied the artist’s strong vocals with matching lusting lyrics, fully manipulating the production. Other tracks such as Dey Know and High Tonight featuring Black Rain, releases more of a modern day RnB music sensation; less soul within Taylors voice, but more rhythm within the content. More to the young talented RnB artist, León Taylor’s eloquent, oscillating vocals throughout the production, gave birth to a classic romantic RnB project that Envokes passionate love making with personal, seasoned intimate vocals. The Detroit songwriter gave us listeners a new age, soulful RnB EP, with an outstanding lasting, relatable impression. To all my RnB listeners’, don’t miss out on what love can truly do. Go and check out León Taylor debut EP, Love Can on all digital streaming services. Link provided at the bottom.

“Love Can Change How You Really Feel, Love Can Let You Know If It’s Real. Love Can Make You Stop Playing These Game. Love Can Make You Not Walk Away.”

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