Ranking Drake’s Albums: From Worst to First

Heartbreak Drake is turning 31 years old today and it’s definitely been wild to see the progress he’s made in his career. Transitioning from Wheelchair Jimmy on the hit TV show Degrassi to becoming the biggest superstar hip-hop has to offer, Drakes rise to super stardom has been full of billboard topping singles and romances with some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. The Six God, as his fans refer to him, has been on top of hip hop since the moment “The Best I ever had” dropped way back in 2009 to now with his latest album “More Life.” From the moment Lil Wayne introduced us to Drake in 2009 to now, Drizzy has released five studio albums, two mixtapes, and one “playlist.” So without further ado, Here’s our ranking of Drake’s discography!


9. What A Time To Be Alive

Now before I get into this, I understand this isn’t all on Drake. With WATTBA being a collaboration project with Future they both deserve some blame for the piece of garbage this album was. Future and Drake work together about as well oil and water and goes to show just how important chemistry is in Hip-Hop when making collab albums. You can’t just put two big names together and expect some heat, the pairing has to make sense. I would’ve much preferred to hear a Drake & Wayne collab album when Wayne was still in his prime during Drakes rookie years but sadly it’ll never happen.

more life

8. More Life

I know Drake called this one a “playlist” but come on, we all know this is an album. There’s definitely some fun to be had with some of the songs on here. “Free Smoke” is damn near a perfect beat to freestyle to, “Gyalchester” gave us countless Instagram quotables, and both “Lose You” and “Do Not Disturb” are both reminiscent of the classic So Far Gone Drake.

drake views


This album wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t so long. A 20 track album that should’ve been cut to just about 10 or 11 songs and it actually might have been a good album instead of being an overlong collection of mediocrity. Now Views is definitely not a bad album, it’s just simply average and the most overrated album that’s been released in recent years.


6. Comeback Season

Comeback Season came out ten years ago, that’s so wild. One of Drakes earlier projects you can hear the youthfulness and the childish production. It’s not what you’re used to hearing from Drake but it was one of his earlier projects so surely you’d understand it’s quality won’t be as high as it may be in later years. If you ran it back today you’d probably think it more to be a R&B album as opposed to a hip hop album though.

drake ifyrtl

5. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

Now that some of Drake’s mediocre/ bad projects are out of the way we’re starting on some of his really good music. IYRTITL was an excellent project from top to bottom. “Legend” is one of the best opening tracks on a album from this decade and also transitioned Drake from being just one of the best rappers to being the most dominant artist in the game.

drake so far gone

4. So Far Gone

So Far Gone deserves to be called one of the greatest mixtapes of all time because it certainly is. Definitely one of the best projects to have ever been released, this is where Drake made it be known to the world that he wasn’t just another child star trying his hand at music career, but rather he was serious and that he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

nothing was the same

3. Nothing Was The Same

Nothing Was The Same is just flat out good. This is one of the few albums I can honestly say I can listen to from beginning to end with zero skips because It’s THAT good. NWTS features possibly the greatest guest appearance of any Drake album with Hov and Drake collaborating on the classic track “Pound Cake,” and also has his his biggest hit single “Started From The Bottom.” Even though it’s only third on this list, I could definitely understand why it would be one or second on anyone else’s list.

thank me later

2. Thank Me Later

My goodness. I’ll be honest and say I believe Thank Me Later is the best debut album I’ve heard from this decade. Drake introduced a sound that we hadn’t previously heard in Hip-Hop with this one and the influences that this, along with the number one album on this list produced is pretty much all of the R&B music that we hear today. Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez, Daniel Caesar, The Weeknd, and even SZA drew clear inspirations from this album and it’s maybe even fair to call Thank Me Later the most influential album of this decade.

take care

1. Take Care

And the number one spot goes to—Take Care. Take Care is flat out one of the greatest albums to be released this decade. I don’t care what you call it, you can call it an R&B album and my point still stands, it’s still simply one of the greatest albums ever produced. It’s as if Drake Took everything that was good about Thank Me Later and amplified it to make Take Care. Nearly every track on this album could appear on Drake’s greatest hits album and that’s 100% no exaggeration. I desperately want Drake to get back to this level he was at in 2010-2012 but sadly that Drake is gone forever and we’ll just have memories of what once was instead. Tragic.

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