BBB Lonzo Ball was Built For This

Let’s all be honest, the kids name is Ball for a reason. He was built for this. On October 19, Lonzo Ball made his rookie debut as a Los Angeles Laker in a home game against their down-the-road rival, Los Angeles Clippers. If you don’t know already you’re probably wondering how the former UCLA stand out and son of notorious LaVar Ball did in game 1, well that’s why I’m here today.

In the Lakers season opener, it started out looking pretty good for the team. As everyone on the team was healthy and they had the second overall pick running out of the tunnel with the yellow and purple on his back. Unfortunately, that Lonzo that showed up on Thursday just was not the Big Baller Lonzo that we know from UCLA. Might’ve been because of the new atmosphere…or was it because one of the top defensive guard in league was in his face. That guard being Patrick Beverley.

LA Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers

Ball started in his first game as expected, however Mr. Big Baller only shot five shots in his 29 minutes of pay and we all know that’s not normal from Lonzo Ball. That’s a fact, but that gives him no reason to put up numbers like 3 points, 4 assists, and 9 boards. That’s just uncommon, especially from someone of his caliber. His poor performance played a hugged factor in the team’s loss, since he was sought out to be the leader of the team and basically labeled early with the franchise tag.


That was a poor debut, but that’s ayy-okay, because we can officially welcome the Big Baller Brand to the NBA after his performances in his second and third game against the Suns and Pelicans, respectively. The very next day after he put up numbers like 3,4, and 9. He traveled down to Arizona and gave the Pheonix Suns hell in a LA win 132-130. Close game, but not close in stats. Lonzo Ball made his debut in his first away game and led his team in both points and assist with 29 points and 13 assists and one rebound shy from being the young NBA player ever to record a triple-double. Now this is the Lonzo that we know. Then just two days later, the young prodigy does it again.

They always said numbers never lie. This past Sunday, Lonzo Ball brought himself and the BBB name with him for a game against big men Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins. Interesting matchup, pelicans-lakers-basketball-00716-jpgconsidering that he choked against just one Patrick Beverley, the thought of two dominant players may have put doubt in some LA fans. But show no fear, Ball is here. Came home and gave the Pelicans 8 points, 13 assists, and grabbed 8 boards. They loss as a team, but if individual stats counts somewhere I’d say he’s doing great. If he keeps it up, he’ll definitely lead the league in assists, currently stands at number 5 with 8.7 APG.

Only time will tell…

Next game is at home against the Washington Wizards on Wednesday, October 25 at 7:30pm PT

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Lonzo Highlights below

vs. Clippers

vs. Suns

vs. Pelicans

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