“The Potion” EP Music Review

These Brooklyn-based artists, collaborated and released a polyphonic production, attached with ominous lyrics and raging vocals that reveals the notion of others not being one hundred percent supportive in their vision. Oppi and Stephen Niday graces listeners’ ears with their debut EP, “The Potion“.

With additional instrumentation from Prinze Jr. and Jeffrey Soffer and while glancing at the cover art, “The Potion” EP represents the tremulous vulnerability of life, as we all end with the same fate, death. We find ourselves at the scene of a gravestone, with white carnations serving as the untainted love and innocence of a passing soul, that’s held up right by a Pure White Hennessy bottle. This causes mourning with the loss of another, rather it being physical or spiritual; all people cope differently. The second track on the EP, “Rum For My Problems“, really stood out. Paying homage to the 1993 classic hook from Bo$$’s, “I Don’t Give A Fuck” was induced with liquor and marijuana as Oppi demonstrates the transitions within his homophonic vocals, and Niday presenting an intoxicating, stylish delivery over the fervorous production that puts listeners in a current state of trying to locate the correct pivotal accomplishment that needs to be made for success, all while being succumbed to the alcohol.  This enticing eighteen minute EP includes an inspirational opening skit, one feature from Cam Johnson, appealing hooks with predigested verses and not to mention a remix to their hit single, “The Potion”. My ears were overly joyed as I lived day and night with this EP. Its impactful meaning of how difficult the process can become, and the alternatives we discover to help ease the stress of being up and coming artist. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for future projects from these artist. Check out the Creative Director and the Lyric Transcriptionist of Genius, Oppi and Stephen Niday’s EP, “The Potion” on Amazon Music & Spotify!

“Mixin’ All This Liquor Like It’s Potion, Know I Keep The Henny Though. Know I Keep The, Know I Keep The Henny Though, Henny Though. Yeah That’s The Antidote, That’s The Potion!”

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