Dear America, Stop Showing Favoritism To Terrorists

Dear America,

Hi, it’s me. A black man living in the Land of the Free! The Home of the Brave….or so I thought. I didn’t realize that because of my skin color it would come with a myriad of hidden fees and special cases that only help us in our favor at certain opportune times. It’s so frustrating to not only be black in America, to live black in America, but to also be demonized for being black in America! That is if you’re not killed first or harassed, then put away for the rest of our lives a crime that our white counterparts would walk away from with a slap on the wrist and a lollipop given to them on the way outside of the courthouse.

The most recent massacre, no act of terrorism, happened Sunday night at the Mandalay Bay Resort on the Las Vegas Strip last night.

Stephen A. Paddock decided to go to a Kenny Chesney concert and open fire on concert goers killing 59 people and injuring at least 500 people. This is the worst shooting in US history right in front of Pulse Nightclub (49 killed and 50 injured) that happen just last year!


This is the man who committed the Las Vegas Massacre. A country music loving, quiet-life living man who lived in Mesquite Nevada just 80 Northeast of where he committed the worst act in America history (you know, behind slavery but it’s not about us right now).

But why are we showing sympathy to man who stole the lives from men, women, and children all over the state? Why is it that he is trying to be hallowed as this peaceable man who wouldn’t even hurt a fly? Don’t believe me let’s look at some headlines shall we?

“Mandalay Bay Attacker…” he was a murderer and terrorist…NEXT!


Well he sure did draw a lot of attention to himself when he decided to become the nations largest hit man on an innocent crowd of people. AKA TERRORIST!

Meanwhile headlines concerning anything involving black bodies are quickly reverted to the person who caused harm and trying to humanize them.

Exhibit A:

If that doesn’t work it’s quickly turned to “You get what you deserved”.

You see America, I think I can speak for the majority of African Americans when I say we are TIRED! We are tired of STILL being objectified, demonized, and most of all MURDERED with no justice but our white counterparts can be known as nice, timid individuals who wouldn’t cause harm to a fly, but have no problems decimating a mass of people for no reason.

Racism is no longer the N-Word America. Racism is no longer segregation. Racism is as American as apple pie and as long as we keep sitting at the table enjoying the servings handed out NOTHING will be changed.

America we are sick! America we are tired! We are all SICK and TIRED! Fight for our justice as hard as you fight to keep pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks. We need a change and it won’t work unless you all join in our fight!

With Life, Liberty, and Love for our great country in my heart,

I Am Not A Thug

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