“Dysfunctional Family” Music Review

The music scene in the city of Detroit not only glorifies the talented artist it inhabits, but also displays the powerful collaborations that can be embodied by  building relationships and collective experiences, making for an interesting project. Akinyele The BLK Night, gathers everyone together for his final mixtape, “Dysfunctional Family“.

Layed over original beats, Mr. Rhythm and Blues adds piano keys with bass for his own originality towards the production. Having firsthand relationships with all eighteen features, Akinyele discusses the passion behind creating great music and the music industries misplaced sight that captured the orginal essence of hip-hop and R&B Soul. Tracks such as “Still Winning” featuring Killa Smurf & Big Bus, and “Last Whoorahh” featuring JP One, showcased smoothed out vocals, adding the roughness element and grit derived from the hip hop genre. While other songs such as “R&B Mixtape King” featuring Chris Lanard, and “Lonely” featuring Katrina Carson, demonstrates an emotionally, enriching sound with lyrics that touches the heart of every true R&B listener. Leading into a multitude of other supple R and B songs, “Dysfunctional Family” is a classic R&B mixtape, that captures every element of its genre, all while being touching, relatable, and elegantly firm. Check out Akinyele The BLK Night final mixtape, Dysfunctional Family on Dattpiff! 

Money and Politics Got It So Tainted. Oh, and They Wanna Dictate All The Music. Half of This Shit That You Hear You Dont Like It. Its Just Overly Played, So Repetitive. Its Only So Long ‘Fore You Singing It …”

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