Kenneka Jenkins: 19-year-old Teen Found Dead In Hotel Freezer

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the death of 19 year old Kenneka Jenkins. However, here’s a brief summary of what we know so far.The devastating incident took place at a party that was held a Crone Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois at 11:30 p.m. on September 8th. Around 4 o’clock the next morning, Kenneka’s mother, Tereasa Martin, received a call from her daughter’s “friends” saying that they did not know her whereabouts.

Her “friends” claimed that they were leaving the party with Kenneka but realized that they left their phone and keys in the room. They then allegedly returned to retrieve their belongings, leaving Kenneka in the hallway alone. Kenneka was gone once they returned.

An hour later, Martin went to the hotel in an attempt to see their video surveillance, in hopes of finding her daughter.

However, her request was denied. After an extensive search, Kenneka’s body was not found until later that night, in the hotel’s walk-in freezer.

Police do not suspect any foul play and believe that Kenneka walked into the freezer herself while heavily intoxicated, where she then died. However, Kenneka’s mom and millions of people online believe otherwise and have began an investigation of their own.

The video below is said to have been recorded during the party, at which Kenneka was murdered. The girl recording the video is said to be Kenneka’s best friend and the host of the party. Those who knew Kenneka, suspects her friend of setting her up.

At 3:09, you can faintly hear what sounds to be a female voice whimper “help me” just before the music was turned back up. At about 3:16 a male voice can be heard saying what sounds like “lets rape her”.


We have also added the link to a video made by Kiela Brown, in which she breaks down exactly what she believes that happened. Brown was not at the party and does not know anyone evolved but was able to use context clues from the video to reach her own reasonable conclusion.

We will keep Kenneka’s family in ours prayers as they fight for her justice. Stay tuned as more details unfold.

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