“Sorry” single Music Review

“Oh No, Fuckin’ With This Nigga, That’s A No No. Fuckin’ In My Bed, That’s A No No. Okay, Now Pack The Party Up, I Let This Hoe Go…”

I was overly joyous when I was approached with this new, radiant single by music artist and CEO of the North Carolina music label, Mila Musik Group, Nitres Tha Veteran. Along side Ike Ellis, CEO of “100 Grand Entertainment”, Florida artist Trey Benjii, a member of “No 1 But Us Global” and combined with a successfully produced beat from Pound Cake Productions, the single, “Sorry” breaks down a subjective narrative of disloyal women who lack patience and in doing so, caused afflictions when it came to trust, loyalty and love. Vocalizing the title of the track, “Sorry”, the collaborative efforts of the trio ushering in a new  genre derived from soulful hip-hop. This track represents the sorry not sorry vibe; leaving the emotional casualties behind and focusing on growth as music artist, no distractions. All three of their vocies both, melodic and surreal; helped gain gratitude for the outstanding manufactured rhythm, for it allows us to appreciate the versatility within their flows. Trey Benjii on the first verse setting the plot for the single, Ike Ellis on the second verse displaying his lyrical cadence and lastly, Nitres ending with an alluring, notable hook, and third verse. Never underestimate the talent! Y’all are going to really enjoy this new new sibgle! Check out Nitres, Ike, and Trey’s new single “Sorry” later on today on all major digital streaming services; iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, and Spotify.

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