Queen Bey’s Top 5 Albums

36 year old pop star Beyonce Knowles has a very successful career and without a doubt more to come. With the recent birth of her twins, you would think she’d be off her game, but she’s still on fire. On September 4th, a queen was born and in honor of Queen Bey’s birthday, here are the rankings of her top 5 best albums.
5. I Am… Sasha Fierce


This album was released in November of 2008, and the songs show a lot about who Beyonce is, but who is Sasha Fierce? It’s Beyonce’s alter ego. She created this name to get over her stage fright which stuck with her throughout her life,  but one top hit off this album was “Ego” which told her fans in the song that “she was created for a special purpose” and she was confident about herself.

4. Lemonade


Released in 2016, Beyonce’s Lemonade is a story in itself, with a surprisingly happy ending. Beyonce has never been the celebrity to have a lot of publicity in her life, but songs from the album change all that. Songs like “Don’t Hurt Yourself” shows this rage in Bey and even though she’s hurt, she doesn’t give up on love. Moral of the story; never leave your values behind and don’t give up on your marriage because you can always work something out.

3. 4


This album was released in 2011. The number 4 has been a reoccurring number in both Beyonce and Jay- Z’s lives. They have found connection in this number with birthdays (they were both born on the 4th), their wedding date with is 04/04/08, and much more. The songs in this album reveal the true love that the couple has for each other. Some hit tracks are “Party ft. Andre 3000”, “Run the World (Girls)” and “Best Thing I Never Had”.

2.  Dangerously In Love


If you’re a 90s baby, or even listened to Beyonce during 2003, then you know the Dangerously in Love album was a hit! This album portrays the idea of being young and in love, but also being able to stand on you own when others let you down, which is a very important life lesson in today’s world. Top songs include “Crazy in Love”, “Naughty Girl”, and “Baby Boy”.

1. B’ Day


Beyonce’s best album is B’ Day. Released in 2006, the songs show a daring Beyonce that’s a little crazy when it comes to playing with her feelings. In “Ring the Alarm”, Beyonce sings the lyrics of a mad woman who’s been cheated on and you can be mad, but you have to let it go, because in the end, he’s no good. The songs on this album relay a message that you can always find somebody who knows your worth and all you have to do is forget about the past. Some top songs are “Irreplaceable”, “Get Me Bodied”, and “Upgrade U”.

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