Cardi B not so “Regular Degular” anymore

Many people attempt to discredit the talent of bilingual artist and fashionista, Cardi B. Cardi climbed into the Billboard charts with her song “Bodak Yellow” peaking to no. 2 on the Hot 100 list. This realm of hate predominantly comes from those who dwell on her previous occupation as a stripper. Despite the negativity, Cardi has shined and glowed in aspects other than music.

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Cardi B’s social media presence dominated the internet even before her worldwide recognition in music. I personally began following her twitter and Instagram after her truthful and hysterical videos that unmasked her personality and authenticity as just a normal girl, or as she puts it, “a regular degular schmegular girl from the Bronx.”

Not long after, she was able to acquire and even larger audience and extend her platform as a part of the Love and Hip Hop: New York cast in 2015. Although she discontinued the show, this platform allowed her to expand her audience and invest in her true passion, music.

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Cardi B dropped her first mixtape Gangsta Bitch Volume 1 that impressed followers and fans alike, who were already reeled in by her lovable and relatable personality.

The track that grasped the attention of people across all audiences was ” Lick ” featuring her now boo, Offset, reminding naysayers she was definitely an undisputed artist on the rise. Cardi B was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Female Hip Hop Artist this year, 2017, where she shared her exitement with fans through her social media platforms.

For those who have seen Cardi B transform from social media sensation to award nominee, fashion icon and international American rapper is like seeing a family member grow up. Cardi B has earned her stripes as an artist in the Hip Hop community who we have seen put the work in to climb to the top. Therefore, it’s only appropriate to give her credit for her talent as not only an artist but as a hard working young woman who paved her own path to success from the ground up.

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We love you Cardi! BARDIGANG!

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