“Struggle, Love, Pain” Q&A w/ Baby Dame

No’el: So much musical talent emitting out of the city of Detroit. Its been great collaborating with these gifted music artist that give off that classic hip-hop sound, and it’s great to see the progression of these artist. I had the pleasure of getting background information on the new single, “Struggle, Love, Pain”, after obtaining the opportunity to sit down and interview the artist behind this track.

No’el: What’s Good Baby Dame! It’s cool that we get talk to on a business level, when it comes down to the music. The visuals for your new track, “Struggle, Love, Pain” were dope and I cannot wait to get into it, but first, tell the readers a little bit about yourself before we jump into this video.

Baby Dame: What up doe No’el! I would like to formally introduce myself as Babydame. Just a cat from Plymouth Rd. (nicknamed P-Rock) on Detroit’s westside; trying to make it out like everyone else. I didn’t take music serious until I started to see people actually liking my music, it was on from there. I make the type of music people can feel in their hearts, real relatable music. If you have ever been through something, you can turn [my music] on and I [guarantee] you can relate in some way.

No’el: I feel you man, here’s Baby Dame’s new video, “Struggle, Love, Pain”

1. No’el: With collaborating with Roc Boi Yung, why did you choose the location where you shot the video at?

Baby Dame: I’ve been working with Roc Boi Yung since forever, so he knows me from the bottom. The locations are in the hood we grew up in; representing the struggle. Where we grew up the alley way railroad tracks the scenery is all where I’d always be.

2. No’el: We see in the video that you’re wearing M.A.B. Clothing. Want to elaborate on that?

Baby Dame: M.A.B. IS A WAY OF LIFE For me and my dawgs; however, those of us in the group who have it tatted take it more serious. It stands for “MONEY AND BUSINESS”, which means make your money and take care of your business whether its street or corporate. Sometimes people get us confused with being a gang and that isn’t it; its exactly what I said it means.

3. No’el: What helped influence the track “Struggle, Love, Pain” ?

Baby Dame: The song clearly states what inspired the song. Everything in it is real life; all I been thru struggle love and pain, hustle bubble n gains. Shit in my eyes, it’s just the whole aspect of life. No matter how much money you have you are for sure going to go through those three things.

4. No’el: As an artist, can we as listeners expect more music, or an upcoming project and visuals from Baby Dame?

Baby Dame: Hell yea, a lot more music visuals and a project coming up of course. I can’t tell you exactly when its coming out, but within the next 6 months it’s being released for sure. It will be self titled because majority of my music contains my life experiences.

5. No’el: For the viewers watching this video, What do you hope they’ll get out of these visuals?

Baby Dame: I just want everyone to get the message I was sending through my lyrics. I didnt want the video to be flashy because that wasn’t what the song represented. Every scene was shot in the hood where it all began for me, so really I just hope people see the realness in the visual and lyrics.

No’el: It was great talking to you and I enjoyed the incite on the new track! Anything else you wanna say to the readers?

Baby Dame: Yes, one last thing. Everyone, click the link below to check out My New video, “Struggle, Love, Pain”! Thanks for having me No’el, until next time, stay Black brother.


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