“Herbal Ways” Single Music Review

“Come Roll With A Nigga, Get High With A Nigga, Come Fly With A Nigga, Just Ride With A Nigga, Get Inside of A Nigga, Talking My Mind, Can You Get It Yeah…”

With promoting his highly anticipated project, “Creating The Wave”, which is falling September eleventh, the 26 year old music artist releases a catchy single for us listeners to indulge in. As we ride the wave over a subtle, charismatic beat, production courtesy of Vybe Beatz, Iso elegantly, vocalizes his sexual conquest by connecting with them on a spiritual level through marijuana. As listeners, this is the first we hear of Iso using his voice for singing. In doing so, the Detroit native’s vocals fluctuate in various low and high tempos to correspond with the track; Popularly know as “riding the beat”. Constantly in tune with the melody, he displays comfortably and doesn’t disappoint. With only one verse for the single, Iso “Herbal Ways” sets the tone for his upcoming EP. This track is full and satisfying. Check out Iso’s debut single “Herbal Ways” from his upcoming project, “Creating The Wave” on iTunes!

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