Mandi Rose, Vocalist on The Come Up!

At the end of December 2016, Mandi Rose, released her debut EP, "Back For More". This EP provided all-around great content, making the project worthwhile for our enjoyment, as we quickly became encapsulated with her voice. Within the past couple of months, Mandi Rose has been perfecting her craft, showing dedication to her own vision. After releasing visuals for "Lies" & "Roll One" from her debut EP, "Back For More", the Los Angeles vocalist released two new songs, and has also been featured on Johny Flohs new track, "Here". The first song titled "Sunshine" produced by Riccardo Polo, generates an upbeat, tuneful euphoric summer anthem. Allowing us listeners to gaze off into the sunset, as we willingly relinquish our inhibitions, with well glazed vocals expressing the season. The second song "If You Like To" produced by Polo as well, reveals a high-tempo, shoulder swaying creation. "If You Like To" supplies an unworried, effortless, blithe track, all while entrusting yourself, as you indulge in the various emotions of living in the moment with no consequences. The third song I was introduced to is called "Here". Production done by YUC Beats, Johny Flohs conscious delivery, and flow were executed greatly with his sentimental lyrics. Arising with a sanguine sensation to the low-tempo track, Mandi Rose's voice brought clarity to the song "Here". These three songs became better and better with repeated listens, and they're still currently on repeat! Check out Mandi Rose's two new tracks, "Sunshine" & "If You Like To" and Johny Flohs single, "Here" featuring Mandi Rose on SoundCloud! Links Provided below!


"If You Like To"


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  1. Great appreciation for both artists! The unique❤️felt music of MandiRose can take one to a different mind set.. Then the mix of Johnny Flohs the energy gets turned Up! Great LA local talent…

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