Jetlag Flight Of The Week: Tyquian English a.k.a. State of Mind (S.O.M.)

This week we are flying with Tyquian English

Born and raised in Spartanburg SC on the Westside Tyaquian English started acting at church. In his first play he had three different roles. He was so into the roles he remembered every line.

He then got into the choir which led to him starting a gospel group when he realized the choir wasn't for him. The group performed and toured for a while until his friend went off to college. 

Tyquian also went to college and wrestled. As he wrestled he tore his meniscus in both knees which led to him sitting and writing a while. He started rapping with Camoney Grand.

He got into acting again when he was in the play "A night with the Legends."  He ended up playin g Martin Luther King after a guy dropped out of the play. He learned all the lines in 3 weeks. He then went to charlotte for about 9 mouths working towards getting to more acting. Tyquian English then auditioned for the Stisa Agency which eneded up getting his first paying role.

Tyquian is definitely a person to watch for in the future when it comes music or acting.


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