Kyrie Irving: The Clueless ‘Superstar’

Kyrie Irving is a man of many things, to some the “Best point guard in the league” and to other the closest thing we have to the great Kobe Bryant as far as “killer instinct” and “Mamba Mentality” are concerned. He’s the  star point guard for the dysfunctional Cleveland Cavaliers, an Olympic gold medalist, a former Duke standout, and above all else NBA Champion. A terrific player with the ability to leave fans and players alike in awe of his magician-like work with the basketball in his hands. A six foot three inches tall point guard with a flair for the dramatics and a killer instinct that rivals those of  Allen Iverson and the Black Mamba himself, Kobe.

There is simply no denying Kyrie is special, his ball dribbling ability tops nearly every player that came before him and his play in clutch time situations rivals ANYONE in NBA history.

But sadly… that’s where the magic stops for Uncle Drew.

kyrie shot

June 19th, 2016. Game seven of the 2016 NBA Finals Kyrie Irving hits the greatest shot in NBA history over unanimous MVP Steph Curry with 53 seconds remaining and sealing the deal on a historic comeback from down 3-1 to capture the city of Cleveland’s first title since 1964. This shot did more than just seal the deal on Kyrie’s first championship, it also elevated him to a status he should’ve never been on in the first place.

Here’s the TRUTH on Kyrie Irving. He’s a lazy defender, he’s a sub-par passer for a point guard, and he’s a “superstar” who can’t carry a team, which is unusual for most “superstar players”.

In recent headlines news has leaked as Kyrie has reportedly asked for a trade as he no longer desires to be Lebron James sidekick and he wants to be the focal point of a team and their offense. Kyrie may be biting off a lot more than he can chew with this request, lets look at the facts.

Before Lebron James made his tumultuous return to Cleveland in 2014, Kyrie had his own team where he was the centerpiece of the offense. For those four seasons, the Cavs went a spectacular 97-215. Now granted, Kyrie was young, but even now as a veteran in the three years since Lebron’s return to Cleveland, the Cavs are 4-21 in games in which Kyrie plays. Even with guys like Kevin Love, JR Smith, and Tristain Thompson backing him up.

His defense leaves a lot to be desired as often times his teammates will have to guard his all-star matchups creating mismatches that wouldn’t be there if he just put forth the simple effort that is needed on that side of the ball. Kyrie is such a great dribbler and finisher that often times he gets caught up trying to razzle and dazzle that he seemingly forgets his status as POINT GUARD and fails to get his teammates involved. Often times his teammates will hover around the three point line watching the game (or should i say Kyrie) just like those of us at home, it’s not good basketball. The more the other guys on the team just stand around and watch the more difficult it becomes for the other guys to develop a rhythm.


In conclusion, Kyrie Irving AKA Uncle Drew is a fabulous player with superstar POTENTIAL. Kyrie also needs to face reality and understand that as the player he is currently, he’s not in a position to be the best player on a championship level team. I understand why he wants to be Batman, and not Robin. Kyrie is cut from the same cloth as Kobe, he’s not okay with being the ugly step child and that’s fine but he also needs to understand Kobe was a world class defender and a very good passer.

If Kyrie is really the player he thinks he is, and what social media hypes him up to be, he will answer the bell and them some!

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