Jetlag Flight Of The Week: Team XpressOn

This week we are flying with Team XPressOn

After this year’s iNSPIRE Fest Shay started Team XpressOn build their portfolios as models and to help local designers and photographers. Shemu’el Namaste contacted Shay to start the team in collaboration with his brand Age Old. Shay contacted Chuck and Tierra because they stuck out to her and they vibed really well. This November Team XpressOn will be at Haute Fashion Week this November. The Team recently did a shoot with BLK FGR Photography.

The Team all grew up being tomboys. Chuck started modeling at 16 and she hated it. She did watch America’s Next Top Model but modeling was still not something she wanted to pursue. When she was younger her parents wanted her to get into modeling but she was reluctant. When she was 21 she did a shoot with Trey Barber which sparked her interest in modeling. Shay started when she was young with pageants and as she got older she got into more fashion shows. She tried out for Charlotte’s fashion week and made the cut. Tierra one of four children wanted to model younger be going to Milly Lewis wasn’t an option because of the expense.  She did a few shoots of her own but things really started to take off after the iNSPIRE Fest fashion show.

Team XpressOn are definitely a group of ladies to watch out for.

Contact them forphoto shootss, videos, and interest in joining the team on their Facebook page.  Team XPressOn

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