Jordan River/Retro Plugs Q&A With No’el Snyder

No’el: Jordan River, Songwriting, Live Performer, Engineer-Mixer, Producer, Marketing Strategist, Communications, Creative Director, Video Editor, Event – Coordinates, Live Engineer and Pianist-Music Theory. Jordan River was born on June 9th, 1995, from Detroit, MI, music artist that song writes on a broad spectrum of topics that connects to multiple genres and types of people. Despite Jordan being the age of 22 years old, he is as hard working as many of his predecessors. His early excursion into the world of music started at a tender age. Jordan started the music group & production company OBOV in 2012 which stands for “One Breath One Vision”. Jordan met a young woman named, Adonnica “Notez” in October of 2010, and she became the head of Visual Production for OBOV & also serves as Jordan’s official photographer/ videographer. On October 28th, 2016 he would release his 1st LP, “FREEDOM”, which he said symbolizes how you can break out of any state of mind and perspective that your surroundings may try to cage you in. I’ll be giving you an exclusive music video release of Jordan River’s Intro track titled “Blow”.

Thanks for taking the time out to holla at me, always good when we talk, whether it’s personal or business, so I appreciate you.

Jordan River: Yeah man and I want to saying thank you for the opportunity. It’s always a pleasure. Great intro by the way!

No’el: Alright, let’s get into this! Here’s Jordan River’s music video to his Intro “Blow” off his debut the LP “Freedom”


1. No’el: The video is amazing for your “Blow” intro, and without giving away too much, I noticed it had a double meaning towards your career. Can you elaborate and address the premises around the video?

Jordan River: What we wanted to capture was the fact I was in a state of mind where I felt trapped in a cycle, and I needed to find freedom so bad I had to blow up. (Metaphorically of course) but still destroying ANY wall of hating shit or those trying to deter me. Until the result being there’s nothing left to stop me… I’m here alone thinking this way. In my own lane (or world even) my goal was when people look back there going to see all the signs that lead to me blowing up so I wanted to express that emotion in a metaphoric manner. I want people to look at my videos in the future and say he knew what he was aiming at way back then.


2. No’el: How did you become a part of the retro plug movement? And are there any future plans for further expansion with the Retro Plugs?

Jordan River: I was first introduced to the Retro Plugs brand through Prophet Amen Ra. I heard whispers of it for about 2 months, but officially met SneakerGodz Shortly after finally seeing the headphones on a few celebrities. We spoke in-depth about the future, our careers, and expansion. We just had an organic conversation. It wasn’t hard for me to see the vision.
Were keeping them exclusive as we possibly can for now, by only allowing the culture movers and those of influence to have them; In addition, I have no official date when they’ll drop for the public use. As far as what we’re doing with my brand in correspondence with the ‘Plugs’ we recently upgraded equipment and have promotional videos, music videos (featuring the Retro Plugs), Interviews and overall just way more content. Perhaps in the future you might see a JordanRiver x Retro Plugs collaboration item, you never know.


3. No’el: When can fans get an initial release dates of other visuals from the “Freedom” LP?

Jordan River: I actually do plan on dropping videos to “Ballerinas”, “Honestly”, and a few more very soon. As far as the “Blow” video, I’m happy that I was able to release it right here with you on the Jetlag Network! It’ll all be worth the wait, trust me.


4. No’el: For your fans, you released a new song titled, “RAF (Remix)” on your birthday. What can we look forward to as far as future projects with music?

Jordan River: Yeah, Raf was the first track off of my No ceilings inspired Mini-project entitled: “Black Room Freestyles” I felt since my birthday was the start to a new age I might as well start the new wave of music. What we’re doing with the mini project is building the momentum for all the surprises we have dropping in October. You can look for Remixes too Magnolia, Free smoke, I might throw some Tupac in there, you never know lol.


5. No’el: What skills/attributes you deem most important to existence being successful?

Jordan River: Well… I learned you really have to be emotionlessly consisting in this industry, that’s one of the biggest things in our generation that breeds success. Someone who can move forward with blinders on without paying attention to the he say she says. Those are just distractions man, you have to know what you’re going to do (plot it out) and as long as your executing moves that make sense to you. Why listen to the opposition that just leads to unconfident movements. This is chess when it comes down to it, “Consistency, Execution, and Focus”.

No’el:  Here are pictures below to display his involvement with the “Retro Plugs”

Above, you see Jordan River supporting the “Retro Plug” Brand

Jordan River & Adonnica “Notez” Supporting the Brand Via Instagram.

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