Everything You Need To Know About 2 Chainz’s Trap House

2 Chainz is mastering his marketing strategy for his newest album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. He has created an Atlanta landmark with the pink Trap House that has taken over social media—but the pink Trap House is more than a marketing tool. 

2 Chainz placed the pink Trap House in the middle of Atlanta that quickly became an Instagram favorite. Hundreds of pictures were taken in front of the house that includes a pink “Hooptie” and a pink oven. 

Outside of being a great place to take pictures, 2 Chainz has held many activities inside of the Trap House. Most recently for the Fourth of July, the pink Trap House held free testing for HIV. 

Hundreds of people visiting the Trap House to get tested for HIV, while enjoying games and giveaways. 

Along with testing for HIV, 2 Chainz also held a church service inside of the Trap House. He’s also had a listening party for his newest album, and a few ‘Paint and Sip’ events for tourist to have a glass of wine while painting their own pieces. 

The Pink Trap House is becoming one of the best things to happen to Hip-Hop and the community in Atlanta. 

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