Kanye West Is Separating From Tidal

Though Kanye West has been a huge advocate for Tidal, he is deciding to step away and split from the streaming service. 

Kanye West’s decision isn’t based on the alleged diss from Jay-Z, instead, contract disputes. 

According to TMZ, Kanye West has not been paid fully for his album The Life Of Pablo, which brought Tidal 1 1/2 subscribers. Kanye West is reportedly owed a $3 million bonus for the subscribers he brought to Tidal. 

Kanye West sent a letter to Tidal explaining his position and Tidal responded by saying that Kanye’s contract is not up. Kanye still owes music videos in his contract according to Tidal. 

Tidal plans to file a lawsuit against Kanye West if he leaves for another streaming service. Kanye plans to sue right back if Tidal proceeds with a lawsuit. 

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