Jetlag Flight Of The Week: Shemu’el Namaste

This week we are flying with Shemu’el Namaste

The name Shemu’el Namaste is a brand name and spiritual name. Growing up in the church Shemu’el’s father brought home the gospel which gave him the foundation he currently builds upon. 

As a child in Sunday school they gave him the nickname of young Samuel after the biblical story of Samuel. Shemu’el was created from his childhood nickname Samuel. Shemu’el is the Hebrew version of Samuel. Namaste is a greeting of peace. 

Growing up he lived reckless rebelling against the structure of the church life.

Working since he was fifteen he knows hard work. In 2013 he started Age Old, which is a Non-Profit Organization that is open to help others grow through art, design, and breakthrough culture. In 2012 he graduated from USC Upstate with a political science degree. He is a man of action and less words. With Age Old he wants to stress the importance of ownership.

He started inspire Spartanburg in colabortion with Hub Bub. That it grew to iNSPIRE Fest. Age Old then started an Series called “Meet the Innovators” talking with all kinds of artist. He states that no one works for Age Old; Age Old works for you. 

One of the staples for Shemu’el and Age Old is building brands. Shemu’el’s end goal is to be like James Prince. He wants to play the background at the end of the day. 

The newest inter Shay heads the modeling sector of Age Old. Shemu’el also wants to start a school for the arts. The shift of Age Old’s misson statement is now Futher. Deeper. Which is getting closer to the true root of why we do what we do and are who we are.

Shemu’el Namaste is definitely a man to look out for in the future.

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