“Chénges” EP Music Review

While most consider life changes difficult to adjust to, the listener is put at ease and into a tranquil state of mind, as one song effortlessly flows to the next. Ché, formerly known as Detroit Ché, released her highly anticipated EP “Chénges”.

The 22 year old songstress vocally allows us listeners an intimate glimpse into her thoughts. Ché discusses how being inebriated can conflict with the writing process, addressing oppression within the system and to the young African American men and women that are being controlled by the media who simply need to love themselves as a whole, all while finding happiness within herself. Already musically seasoned Ché, lyrically connects with her melodious production using acoustic guitar, and piano keys, adjacent to low tempo drum kicks done by Adam Depollo, DopeDiv Ali, and Jaye Prime. Ché pays homage to a classic 1996 track, “If I Ruled The World” by Nas featuring Lauryn Hill on her first song “Seed“. In doing so, this intro was organically projected, with a sonorous sound that gave appreciation to this classic. The loosely self titled EP “Chénges“, came with four metaphorical tracks that symbolize germination and exemplify firm representations of Che’s growth as a person and as an artist. It’s been a year and five months since her debut EP release “SMALLtalk“, and I speak for all when I say, “Chénges” is packed with uplifting conscious lyrics & soulful vocals, which are enough for repeated listens. If you haven’t already, check out Detroit Ché EP “Chénges” on Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify!


“Let’s Use Our Energy, Brothers And Sisters, Not Enemies. Let’s Love Each Other So Tenderly, Them Proper Way To Make Memories. Now Picture That, Aye, That’s Beautiful Imagery, Aye Putcha Hands Up If You Feeling Me…!”


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