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On October Twenty-First 2016, across the United States, a street fashion lifestyle brand was introduced, CEO, Sneaker God gave birth to SneakerGodz LLC. Within a short period of eight months, The Company has produced and expanded its own customized sneakers, clothing line, and Ear Plugs for many talented music artist and online retail platforms such as Raekwon, Lil Durk, and KarmaLoop. Also within this time period, Sneaker God has collaborated with Prophet Amen Ra, who currently handles strategic partnerships and celebrity relations for different brands. In doing so, Sneaker God appointed Prophet Amen Ra Brand Ambassador and Strategic Representative of the SneakerGodz Retro Plugs. Prophet Amen Ra also controls the newest product concept-design, which serves as a new, alternative fashionable accessory while listening to the popular media content that streams right through your digital devices. Expanding the brand of The Retro Plugs, Prophet Amen Ra has been working hard when it comes to networking; booking interviews, advertising and setting meetings with many influential music artists. Public figures such as Big Tigger, Chanel West Coast, music journalist & television personality, Toure, Jordan River, Lil Bibby, Dreezy and Slim Jimmy from the hip-hop group Rae Surmmerd are all supporters of the Retro Plugs. With a cord length of 4ft and design material made of rubber, the Retro Plugs are replicas of your favorite, classic sneakers, and so far, the duo has created 5 different designs for your liking.

Air Jordan 1’s Retro Plugs: 

My personal favorite, The Air Jordan Retro 1’s Plugs; so much culture embodied within this sneaker. The Air Jordan 1’s was the prototypal aerial Jordan court game footgear that debuted in 1985. The NBA penalized Jordan for every basketball game that he wore them, because it was illegal by the NBA to break association single regulations. With that, Nike remunerative the entire penalty fees for Jordan.


Air Jordan 9’s Retro Plugs:

The second Retro Plugs are the Air Jordan 9’s, ordinal signature footgear designed by experimenter Hatfield, in 1993. They were free during Michael Jordan’s position from the NBA for vacation in basketball. Over time, various color ways, devalued – crowning versions and contestant exclusives were released of the shoe.


Karl Lagerfeld Fashion Godz Retro Plugs: 

Now, these exclusive SneakerGod Retro Plugs were inspired by German style region designer, creator, photographer in Paris, and director of the style home, Chanel as well as the Italian home Fendi, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld. He is well recognized around the world for his trademark white hair, black sunglasses, and high starched collar, which is displayed on the Karl Lagerfeld Fashion Godz Retro Plugs.

OVO Custom Sneaker Godz Retro Plug

image-4Next, we have the OVO Custom Sneaker Godz Retro Plugs. These plugs display the “OVO” Owl Icon that is trademarked my music artist Drake. 


Just Don Retro Plugs: 

Lastly, we have the “Just Don Retro Plugs”. Created in Italy, and produced in 1986, the original Air Jordan II is the second sneaker produced by collaboration of Nike and Michael Jordan. The Air Jordan 2’s was designed by Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore, presenting more of a unique look and more luxurious feel to the retro sneaker. Don C was a Chicago Bulls supporter for quite some time, and they finally worked together on a model, and created “Air Jordan 2 Retro Don C”, which were released in 2015.

       The Retro Plugs have great sound quality, adjusted comfortably for the ears, and the bass is all-powerful, yet gives off a broad pitch. Music products can subjugate and sustain a lasting impression in the music industry as well as the culture of Underground Hip Hop, and my gratitude can’t be expressed enough for being a part of such a powerful movement. Contact Sneaker God and Lace up with your very own pair of Retro Plugs!

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