Jetlag Flight Of The Week: Jiga & SK the Universe (Pe$o Da Squad)

This week we are flying with Jiga & SK the Universe

Jiga at the age of seven started doing freestyles when she lived in Spartanburg. She progressively got better over the years. SK started off singing in the church choir. He recently started rapping around 18. Jiga grew up in Spartanburg and then moved to Duncan, South Carolina. She also has strong ties to the Greer area because of her Grandmother. SK started out in Duncan and then in middle school moved to Greer which he considers his home town.

Jiga just released “Female Wop” and is pushing that at the moment. SK is in the process of putting things together but his soundcloud is where you can check for him now. Jiga is heavily influenced by Gucci Mane as you can tell from her latest project. SK is influenced by Lil Uzi Vert and Cosmo Pyke. Jiga and SK are both planning on finishing up school and getting their degrees.

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