Ranking The Best ‘First Day Out’ Tracks

Gucci Mane has created a culture for rap artists who have gone to jail and come back into the rap game with his ‘First Day Out’ track. Rappers from Chief Keef, to Tee Grizzly have formed their own rendition of “First Day Out.” Jetlag has decided to rank the best First Day Out of jail tracks. 

10. Scotty Cain 

Scotty Cain is a up and coming artist out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana best known for his diss track to NBA Youngboy. Scotty’s hook repeats “I be saucin’ when I walk,” but the track is still titled ‘First Day Out.’ His First Day Out isn’t the typical “First Day Out” track due to the format of the song, but the catchy track still deserves to be listed. 


9. Skippa Da Flippa

Skippa Da Flippa’s First Day Out shout outs all of his friends in jail. Skippa brags about his commissary while in jail, booking shows right after jail, and his riches out side of the system. Skippa’s original flow and style gives him the number 9 spot.


8. Offset (First Day Out pt. 1)

Offset was released from prison after one of the Migos first projects, Young Rich N*ggasand dropped his first rendition of ‘First Day Out’ in 2013. This song embodies the catchy “Migos Flow” that swept the music world when “Versace” was released, giving Offset the 8th spot.


7. Young Nudy 

Young Nudy is a rising star in Atlanta with Cosigns from 21 Savage and Metro Boomin. His name is quickly rising in the south along with Pierre Bourne who is the producer responsible for this “First Day Out.” This track shows how well Pierre and Nudy work together, landing them the 7 spot.


6. Gucci Mane (First Day Out Tha Feds)

Lyrically, I believe this may be better than Gucci Mane’s original “First Day Out,” but it doesn’t have the same replay value or impact on the culture. Nonetheless, it’s still a banger, and it was a perfect start for the “new” Gucci in 2016. Just missing the top 5, Gucci’s “First Day Out Tha Feds” comes in at number 6.


5. Offset (First Day Out Pt. 2)

Offset went back to jail before the Migos released Young Rich N*ggas 2but came back harder than ever. He released a second rendition of “First Day Out.” He calls out those who have changed up on him throughout his life. He also speaks on the sacrifices he’s made to get to this point in life. Part 2 lands Offset at number 5.


4. Chief Keef

Chief Keef was the first to use the same format as Gucci Mane’s original “First Day Out.” The track starts off similar with Keef rapping, “Started off my day with a blunt of herb; Looking myself up to see how much I’m worth.” He even later borrows lyrics from the original. Chief Keef’s ode to Gucci Mane’s original lands him a top 5 spot at #4.


3. Kodak Black 

Kodak Black was just recently released from prison and promised the people a first day out track right away. After serving some time for violating probation, Kodak delivered his first day out track with lots of joy. Giving his mama “100 Racks” lands Kodak in the number 3 spot.


2. Tee Grizzley

Tee Grizzly is quickly emerging as a star after releasing arguably the hottest single of 2017. “First Day Out” has gotten cosigns from both Lebron James and Jay-Z. This track is full of energy and puts you into the life of Tee Grizzly. This track is derserving as the second best “First Day Out.

1. Gucci Mane (Original)

Of Course the original track lands at number 1. Without this track, there would be no other “First Day Out” singles. Gucci Mane has stamped his name with this hood classic that is timeless among Gucci Mane fans. The original “First Day Out” will forever be undefeated.

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