Jetlag Flight Of The Week: Jimmy Lee

This week we are flying with Jimmy Lee

Jimmy Lee is the hero of Spartanburg, SC He is relentless placing the city of Spartanburg on his back. 

At the time of this interview Jimmy Lee had literally just saved someone’s life. He unknowingly stopped a fan that was about to commit suicide with a phone call. He does not want the money to just be “the guy with the money,” he wants to be the guy that takes care of his people.

As a young boy, Jimmy Lee remixed songs from Barney, The Fresh Prince, and others. He played with melodies and turned into things that made more sense for his 6 year old mind. 

Bruce Mills was also an important part in his musical start. At around 8 or 9 his mentor Bruce would pick up Jimmy and would let him sing and rap all day long until he was exhausted. Music is Jimmy Lee’s everything. There is nothing that he loves more except for his wife and kids.

Haunted by dreams of Sandra Bland and Trayvon Martin, Jimmy Lee is tired of the pettiness of the world. He wants more for himself and his city. 

As he wears a crown, Jimmy Lee’s head hangs heavy. Being so loved in the city also brings enemies. He has friends that once loved him and people that hated him that hate him more all because he wants better for himself and his family. He feels people shouldn’t be mad at him because he is just trying to be him. Amidst all the hate, stupidity, and craziness of Spartanburg Jimmy Lee still loves his city.

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  1. Jimmy Lee is great! He is a hero and a role model to the kids in this community. WE ARE ALL BACKING HIM! We know he will succeed! So proud of this young man, sometimes it leaves me speechless…

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