XXXTENTACION Sucker-punched on Stage

          Up-and-coming Broward rapper, Xxxtentacion, was punched across the face on stage during his performance last Wednesday night, June 7th, in San Diego.
The 19 year old artist, whose given name is Jahseh Onfroy, was left unconscious for a few moments after the punch. 

Soon after that a multitude of onlookers started fighting on the stage. Subsequent chaos ensued on both the stage and social media, and one person was left stabbed after the incident.

    X told TMZ when asked about the situation that it was “people just being haters”. 

His full quote is as follows: “people just being haters. At the end of the day like, to be 19 years old and have this amount of success… there’s going to be a lot of problems. It’s not something I wasn’t ready for. So I mean, I’m just gonna take it like a man and be a man about the situation and do what I gotta do.” 

Fans in Xxxtentacion’s crowd that night chanted, “fuck Rob Stone”, following the punch. Allegedly the two rappers have ongoing beef. 

X believe’s he was “snuffed out”, and even accused one of his security guards of setting him up. Two shows have been canceled so far in response to the incident, the first as an attempt by the venue to prevent potential violence, which they were concerned about. 

When questioned by TMZ about the question of hiring more security, X simply stated, “I’m gonna do the same thing I did before. At the end of the day, it is what it is. If I need to be confronted, it’s gonna happen. I understand paying to have people like, make sure you’re safe, but I had 12 security guards today. So what the fuck am I gonna pay more money for to get security if I can get snuffed out so easy.” 

Currently X has a bruised face, but no serious injuries. 


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