Jetlag Flight Of The Week: Prof. Logik & Mason of Raw Underground Hip-Hop (#RUHH)

This week we are flying with Prof. Logik & Mason of Raw Underground Hip-Hop

Growing up in Queens Mason and Prof. Logik are true to the essence of hip-hop. Coming from the home town of Russell Simmons the two brothers are following in his footsteps by growing a grass roots company to something great. The two brothers that are a year and a half apart grew up on different sides of Queens. Facing the standard trails and tribulations of the inner city the Mason & Logik still stuck close to each other.

Growing up on their fathers side of the family after a split of their parents the two they felt a difference as kids since the majority of their friends were with their mothers. The two brother’s grandmother was unfiltered and raw. She had no problem speaking her mind and that same brash attitude is reflected in both Mason & Logik.

Both brothers started out young with music. At the age of 4 and 5 their grandmother introduced them to the keyboard. The first musician the bothers tried to master as Scott Joplin. At the age of 9 Logik started to DJ and at 12 he got his first sampler. As a Young man the music became therapy for him. It didn’t take long before they know music is what they wanted to do forever.

At Raw Underground Hip-Hop they specialize in bringing back reality rap. Songs that are less abut the jewelry and trappings of the luxury rap and more of the story telling and substance hip-hip was founded on. They both as artist strive to create and get better at their craft. They love the Underground because of the freedom of expression. The constraints of corporate America on hip-hop was such a turn off for the duo they decided to curate their own content.

Prof. Logik and Mason are both working on EPs. Prof. Logik has an EPs releasing with Urban Waves and My Bad Records. Mason is releasing a beat EP called Break Beats and Jazz Vinyl’s.  Both of the brothers want to stress the importance of understanding underground hip-hop is not just Muslims or 5 percenter rap. They want people to get rid of the stigma that Muslims are bad people by showing the good that underground artists are.

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