The-Dream Doesn’t See Himself Working With Drake Again

If you’ve been following Drake’s career back in 2010, then you remember the collaboration between he and The-Dream on his debut album Thank Me Later, for a song called “Shut It Down”. The two haven’t worked together since then — here’s why:

During an interview with Genius, The-Dream was asked by a fan, what it was like working with Drake and why the two haven’t worked together since then. Dream said after working with Drake on his album, he reached out to Drake’s team for a collaboration of his own, but was shot down. “I asked him to get on the record, and so I’m only going to ask you once, especially when I’ve already done something for you,” said Dream.

He added, “That was the end of the Drake and Dream era of a record.” Do you think Dream is being too sensitive, or does he have the right to be upset?

You can watch the video of the full interview below:

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