Chance The Rapper and New Edition Will be Honored During this Year’s 2017 BET Awards

Due to his excessive amount of philanthropic deeds throughout the past coupe of years, Chance The Rapper is already being honored for his contribution to Chicago public schools.

Officials at BET have announced that this year’s recipient will include a humanitarian award to Chance, for having such a big heart and even bigger wallet for those who are in need of his support. Because he have given so much back to his community, the youth have been running a campaign to get him to run for mayor. Chance respectfully declines, because he feels like a lot of people go into office and don’t know what their doing, then wound up making things worst for those involved in the community. He’d rather just give back and help the way he best know how. This is an award that is deserving for Chance, and is such a good look for him so early on in his career — congratulations.

After having such a positive response and giving BET their highest views ever for a movie with the three part New Edition Story, New Edition will be honored the Lifetime Achievement Award. This is another award that is well-deserved, because New Edition have made their mark in the music industry and are living icons in R&B. They are the reason for successful R&B group Boyz II Men. With all the success they’ve had this year — from movie to tour — it’s the perfect time to show the younger generation just how impactful New Edition have been to music. Congratulations, New Edition.

2017 BET Awards will air live on Sunday June 25 at 8P/7C.


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