23 Years Ago: Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez Burns Down Boyfriend Andre Rison’s Mansion

In 1994, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez of TLC was not only making headlines for topping charts, but she was also getting in trouble with authorities. 

After releasing her first album Ooooooohhh… On the TLC Tip, with the all-time highest selling girl group TLC, Left Eye began dating Atlanta Falcons NFL player Andre Rison. There were accusations that the couple had physical altercations a few times in the past, so this wasn’t the first time things got heated between the two.

June 9, 1994 — Rison came home around 5 A.M. after leaving a nightclub, girlfriend at the time Left Eye, was highly upset when she came home and found loads of new clothing and shoes placed on the bed, but nothing was for her. They then got into a heated argument, which led to them fighting outside in the driveway and Left Eye bashing the windows out of his car. Before doing that, Left Eye took the new belongings he bought, tossed them in the bathtub, and lit them on fire. The fire eventually spread and led to a complete destruction of Rison’s home.

The next day Left Eye turned herself in and was charged with felony arson. She was later on released on $75,000 bail and rehab. Left Eye was charged with $10,000 in fines and served probation for five years.

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