Jetlag Flight Of The Week: Moody Black

This week we are flying with Moody Black. 

A home grown Carolina hero Moody Black has been a staple in the poetry and hip-hop scene in the upstate. 

Moody Black is a spoken-word and visual artist, actor, and photographer from Spartanburg, S.C.  Moody Black is electrifying audiences across the country with his original poems and energetic performances. 

Fusing a blend of Hip-Hop, Soul, and Poetry, this talented artist delivers a unique rhythmic message in which each new listener finds common ground. Moody Black has been a performing artist since the age of twelve, and has become a prominent force on a multi-regional poetry scene through his enthusiastic live shows and strong work ethic.

Moody’s mother had a big impact on him writing. She had him to read many of the great poets. A book called “this Time called life” by Walter Rinder just so happened to be the book that made him gravitate to poetry. 

EE. Cummings, Longfellow, Maya Angelo, and Langston Hughes were also inspirations for Moody. Saul Williams style of poetry had an impact on Moody. Ursula Rucker who has worked with the Roots was someone that influenced Moody. 

One of the things that Moody Black has stressed was networking and conversing with other people you don’t know. He stresses the fact that you must always work together.

Every Sunday Moody Black hosts an open mic night in Greenville. The Say What?! slam and open mic poetry is the longest running open mic in the upstate. 

Once a month they have a slam. In slams you have five random people out of the audience to score the poets. Starting with twelve poets the eliminate half and then take the best four from that. 

Last year Moody and is team went to Southern Fried regionals and placed fourth out of 32 teams. Then they went 11th out of 72 teams at nationals.

Moody is definitely a Hip-Hop head to the core but at the moment he is getting recognition from the poetry. He is also doing poetry workshops through Coffee Underground and one on one workshops. He is also touring the country with his poetry. He is a Smart Arts teacher in Greenville county schools. Moody Black is definitely someone to be familiar with.

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