Lil Yachty “Teenage Emotions” review 

On May 26, 2017 Lil Yachty unveiled his first studio album to the public. It comes more than a year after his first mixtape “Lil Boat” which introduced him to the public as a voice for the youth. At only 19 he has been scrutinized for his views, outlandish behavior, and different style. “Teenage Emotions” pitted Lil Yachty vs. Lil Boat. With the dynamics of the two personas being so different we were given a treat that sonically showed us why Lil Yachty will be a staple in the culture for a while. Standout records include the Migos collaboration Peek a Boo, All Around Me which includes the YG verse he asked for in an interview at ComplexCon and Kamaiyah, Momma which is an ode to the biggest supporter in his life. Let us know who you’re riding with, Lil Boat or Lil Yachty! 

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