Jetlag Flight Of The Week: D1

Get to know D-1 on the Flight of the week

Desmond D-1 Ellis lives in Moore SC with his parents and sister. He attended Byrnes High School where I was involved in Chorus for two years. In Feburary 2014 his Chorus class was invited to Carnegie Hall in New York City to perform for the Shawnee Press.

D-1s father taught him to play drums at the age of two years old and he received his first real drum set at age three. D-1 always had a passion for music and loves learning new material. 

He currently volunteering at Spartanburg Shares, a non-profit organization that supports the uninsured by loaning medical equipment when needed, in downtown Spartanburg on some Saturdays. D-1 also plays 5 different instruments. Is a self-taught producer and is a drummer for One Agenda. As of late he has also started to Dj.

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