“Bhicken & Budweiser” EP Music Review

The newest member from the music group, Piranha Gang, will give you the nostalgic feeling of Summers filled with good dank, great music and quench thirsting drinks. This 21 year old music artist, introduced me to an old brew and a great EP. P-Lo Preme graces us with his debut EP, “Bhicken & Budweiser”. 

Earphones inserted on a scorching Sunday afternoon in Detroit, I found myself dramatically parched, staring, as the condensation gradually drips from this American-style pale lager bottle. The more I quaffed, the more relatable and understanding his lyrics got. More to the title, P-Lo Preme is paying homage to a music artist that he grew up listening to in his adolescence. If you haven’t figured it out by now, its Atlanta’s very own Ludacris with his 3rd studio Album, “Chicken-n-Beer”. The “B” replacing the “C” in chicken only represents that P-Lo Preme enjoys his wings spicy, which stands for buffalo. Production mostly done by Heizenburr & Hotel Seprino, offered us listeners catchy head bangers and dulcet style head nodders. Tracks like “Rockstar“, “TupacBiggie“, and P-Lo Preme’s hit single “Work Out” gave us listeners an adrenaline infused, high tempo, bass beats with notable content that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who listens. While other songs such as “ADNS”, “Olde & Gold Teeth” and “Bruce Willis” ft. Kitty Kvsh, relinquish a more serene and mellow, conscious approach to this EP. “Bhicken & Budweiser” is more than just an EP, not only does “Bhicken & Budweiser” exhibit P-Lo Preme’s lyrical talent, strong delivery and wordplay abilities, but also displaying the rises and downfalls when it relates to dedication and hard work in the music industry. Every track dems an importance towards working, whether you’re getting further taking two steps forward, or digging yourself deeper taking three steps back, the goal is to succeed and it’s extremely noticed on this project. Don’t sleep on good music and a great artist, check out P-Lo Preme’s debut EP, “Bhicken & Budweiser” on all digital streaming platforms May 24!

“Its The Brokest Niggas Swear They Really Gettin’ Paid, and Now & Days These Other Niggas Just A Waste A Space. Niggaz Say They Straight, but Really Sweeter Than Some Cake, I Bought Another Safe and Not To Mention I Just Broke The Bank” 

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