Jetlag Flight Of The Week: Tygris Wylde

Born in Atlanta, Tygris Wylde was adopted by a gospel music producer and his wife. In middle school she played the saxophone although she wanted to learn to play the violin. Her adopted grandparents played the guitar in which she also plays as well. At a young age she would attend recording sessions with her mother and choir rehearsals. She also performed at the Peace Center as a child. As expected, she became a jazz singer which led to her eventually liking jazz.

Tygris Wylde is definitely an alternative hip hop artist to her core. She has played bass for an alternative rock band called “The Killer Keys”. When Wylde moved to Charlotte, she ended up around a group of hand percussionists in the city.

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which led to her picking up the congos, bongos, djembe, and dumbek. She also joined a reggae band called “The Roots up rising”.

Last year she released a single “Flame”. Tygris wrote, produced, and recorded the track herself. The song has been featured on unsigned grind. With her version of alternative hip-hop expect to get some funk, jazz, rock, and rap all rolled up in one. Like a true artistic chameleon her next genre to conquer is trap. Tygris Wylde is sure to stand out.

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