Trump’s First Days Abroad: What is He Up to?

May 20th marks President Trump’s first overseas trip while in office. He is scheduled to visit Saudi Arabia, Israel, Belgium, and Italy. While other presidents have chosen to travel to nearby Canada or Mexico for their inaugural visits, Trump is the first to start off with the Middle East.  

Trump saudi arabia billboard

Another abnormal decision to align with the rest. This excursion has high stakes involved as the president already has the word ‘impeachment’ swirling around the White House.

 On his first full day abroad, Trump along with King Salman of Saudi Arabia were both present to confirm the finalization of a defense deal worth nearly $110 billion to bring American ships, planes, and bombs to Saudi Arabia (CNN). 

The president has taken to twitter in the past to criticize the Obama administration’s relationship with Saudi Arabia and recently tweeted about “strongly protecting American interests” during his visit, let’s see if he can do a better job.
Donald Overseas Tweet

This will be a significant test of how the president conducts himself with foreign leaders away from U.S. soil, stay tuned for updates on the rest of his eight-day trip.

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