45 Biggie Songs to Play in Honor of his 45th Birthday

Looking for some songs to play from The Notorious B.I.G., but you don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, Jetlag got you covered. In honor of Biggie’s 45th birthday, we give you 45 songs to blast through your speakers to celebrate the legacy of the king.

1. “Juicy”

2. Hypnotize”

3. “Sky’s the Limit”

4. “Mo Money Mo Problems”

5. “One More Chance”

6. “Ten Crack Commandments”

7. “Kick in the Door”

8. “Suicidal Thoughts”

9. “Gimme the Loot”

10. “Everyday Struggle”

11. “Notorious Thugs”

12. “What’s Beef”

13. “Dead Wrong”

14. “I Got a Story to Tell”

15. “Party & Bullshit”

16. “Get Money”

17. “Who Shot Ya”

18. “The What”

19. “Brooklyn’s Finest”

20. “Going Back to Cali”

21. “Things Done Changed”

22. “Machine Gun Funk”

23. “Big Poppa”

24. “Nasty Boy”

25. “Me & My Bitch”

26. “Runnin’ (Dying to Live)”

27. “Niggas Bleed”

28. “Nasty Girl”

29. “Long Kiss Goodnight”

30. “Unbelievable”

31. “Somebody’s Gotta Die”

32. “Victory”

33. “It’s All About The Benjamin”

34. “Fuck You Tonight”

35. “You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)”

36. “My Downfall”

37. “The Wickedest”

38. “The World Is Filled”

39. “Just Playing (Dreams)”

40. “I Love the Dough”

41. “Young G’s”

42. “Player’s Anthem”

43. “Can’t You See”

44. “Only You (Bad Boy Remix)”

45. “Warning”


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