Young 22 Gets His Chain Snatched After Being Pulled Off Stage

Young 22 AKA 22 Savage got put to the test during his performance at the Ice Lounge in San Antonio, Texas and it did not work out in his favor.

 For those who may not know, rapper Young 22 made his claim to fame through the internet. He started off by doing funny videos here and there then eventually started making parodies of 21 Savage, taking on the name 22 Savage. As 22 gained fame, he changed his name to avoid further comparisons to 21 Savage. 

Although many people discredit 22 because of his comical come up, his music typically gets plenty of views and he gets booked for shows. 

However, not everyone believes that 22 is as “savage” as he claims. Check out the videos below showing his encounter. 

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